We are a common family as many of yours, or maybe not at all, we are a little bit ‘particular’, with a long path walked, a bunch of experiences, and many great people which found during all this years. Everyone are significant reasons why we’ve decided to begin this new project, I don’t know how far or where will go…

The project born from this pet relationship that marks you as no one before in my case, it had been my lovely cat Astrid, for me and my husband two, in the team are both not only me, and she gained the heart of our family and friends.

A travel that begins with the story of us,  which we want to share in a personal and familiarity way, all that great years that lived together, our learning, knowledge, with the goal to inspire others and the desire to contribute to the wealth and evolution in our four-legged relationships.

We aren’t expertise about animals behaviour, or about health, well, we are a simple family who works at the office from Monday to Friday, and all that we knew is thanks to live every day with our companions: observation, great professionals around us over vet medicine and behaviour, specialised literature, new and amazing studies, seminaries, that opens a new and extensive new world, and thank to our own path. We aren’t the best, we don’t be professional , but it is time to take control and say ‘I am here’, I want change, I must go further.


She appeared like in a spell on my life a 22nd of December in 2002, his body was all bones, furry skin, with and incredible character and personality, terribly special, and although a European common cat in the street as many others, I felt in love instantly. We lived a long life together and she had been the beginning of all great changes of my life and the heart of this project too.

During all this years, our empress, with her unique character, tenderness, familiar and well, is it true, quite obstinate and with her various peculiarities as fray towels and blankets. But, in any case she had been that animal which one never repeats a similar connection, difficult to explain and difficult to understand, she was and will be the only one.

She passed away these last 29th of march, due to the definitive failure of her kidney functions. We were fighting until the last breath, together and never gave up during the CKD desease. This is her story, reason why we want to share with all of you, and follow the other members of the family, to help when we are lost, when we are frighten and wish the best to our four-legged fellows.



The blond one male of the house, another european common cat that we’d decided to take home with us. This time saved from a shopping centre animal shop, where he was almost dying of hunger, and a incredible level of stress, frightened in a methacrylate cube. We hadn’t idea to had another cat but is was our fate.

Many times, we call him ‘terrogato’ in Spanish, (maybe terrocat is a near translation, this nickname obviously linked to his amount of crazy ideas, any good at all, but in the other hand he is tremendously sensitive, frisky, he loves height, and is one of cats that likes to use scratching posts. Tender and familiar like Astrid, he adores heat, his favourite place in summer is over the pillows with us, and over our heads, in winter seared over the electrical collector.

With his 9 years, he is a complete gentleman, and seduces every female vet instantly.



She is our happy crazy dog, a mix between a lab and a dachshund, a discard litter abandoned by a hunter, this mix it seems to be called in the region where Lula’s come ‘conejero’, that means a dog which hunts rabbits, due to their small body and ability to pursue them, I know, it is insane!

If it wasn’t enough, after a first adoption Lula was almost abandoned twice, we knew we couldn’t allow something like that, despite our idea about don’t have a dog in a small apartment like ours, the life is like that and well, we’d accepted the aventure and maid a bigger furry family.

She had changed our life, and thank to her we had had the opportunity to know many people, some of them great close friends. The rhythm and our style of life is completely different, we learn and knew new concepts , ideas, a different way to understand animals… well, all had been the last five years ago. Our world is happily upside down.

Half lab, half dachs, just in the middle of both worlds, loves eat, addict to play (prefers withs us!), soul of joy, and yes quite  reactive dog, and maybe you’ll hear barking.She is a long back dog, short paws, that plays disc dog, sport that loves almost she loves us, and we practice in our style. Resuming, Lula is the meaning of happiness and her caramel eyes melt everyone.


Our Little and shy calico cat, which had melted our hearts the last November with those eyes and her history. Unfortunately, when she was a small kitten knew the fickle heart of humans, and she had been returned with her sister to the shelter cause she’ liked to be hidden during first days, then her sister was adopted again but Momo is a calico so is a quite difficult to find a furrever home, until you imagine the last past

She is a very special girl, only needed tones of love, empathy, patient and time to be the queen of the house. She is our Lady Momo Bolena, although Lula thinks is a xenomorph. In the other hand she really loves her brother Kyo a lot, and curiously Momo helps with Kyo’s grief making him comfort and happy again.

Momo is quite pickle with food, raw food too, she enjoys eats pork loins, lamb or fish so she prefers all of them over chicken, turkey or quails. We know that we are going to learn a lot with her, behind her first shy face there is a unique and charming personality and a lovely character, well she is a little mischievous too, such is the case that she is the one with her own Instagram profile @momoestdesolee