Maybe you have begun your holidays, if not you will be almost there with your swimsuit and flip-flops ready… but it isn’t only a necessary and derided period in our working life, almost could be a complicate moment to keep or change the nutritional program of our pets.

Even if you are planning make the switch holidays or travels is a question to think about, and sometimes a reason to leave the idea behind. It seems complicate to travel with raw food, or leave in charge to our family or friend a bloody raw met to serve it, or the dog hotel doesn’t want to serve raw food in his centre.

So, today we are going to show you some alternatives for all that cases where is not easy or  even impossible keep your pet’s raw food nutrition, and giving you a good Plan B.

Preparing our own raw food meals for holidays

It seems be as overwork, but for all that we are currently following this types of nutrition this is our day-to-day, so please if you are a new raw feeder don’t be scare, really is not a lot of work, is more an organizational issue, better if your dog is small or have cats.

It is the same that when we prepare the weekly menus for each day, putting in a same place edible bones, offal, veggies, fruit or why not supplements, then freeze and it will be ready to defreeze and serve.

That one is our fav but normally when we are going to serve it  if we know another person worried as us in nutrition matters, and doesn’t feel bad to see flesh or blood.

Freeze commercial raw food

Doesn’t care if you live in Spain, Europe or Canada, in the last years appeared new companies which are bedding for raw food nutrition. They don’t sell only the food, there are many of them that send their products to a secondary residence or other places as hotels, or apartments, traveling in freeze trucks. Here in Spain an example is Puromenu and their summer campaigns.

Our recommendation at this point, always is a good idea to contact before to confirm availability, estimated delivery, or if they close during some days. We had a bad experience with that issues and a phone call solved all the problem.

Also, you could buy it and then in a cold environment ( a refrigerator portable with many many frigories could work) to transport to your destination if you have space in your car and in the second refrigerator too, to preserve the cold chain.

Homemade and grinded barf menus

During the first years this one had been our preferred option for our cats, when we travelled with Lula, our family came home to take care of the tigers and serve the meals twice per day.

As we commented below is easy, we mix edible bone (or meat with a high-quality calcium supplement) with offal, veggies or some extras as salmon oil, fruits, etc (grinded or blended). You could freeze in portions for each day, and then defreeze and serve you or the person in charge.

Better if you only chose a protein, a mix based on chicken, or another variety as rabbit or beef according to your pet’s preferences. Quick and Easy.

Cooked commercial  BARF meals

Nowadays we have some stunning and variety options in the market, even in Spain!. Obvious we could find frozen raw meals but there are a second variety or alternative products based on raw food cooked as the line Country Hunter by Nature’s Menu, or the  duck Holidays meals by Yum.

We could share our experience with, we’ve tried both and of course always in first place we always going to recommend raw food, but this is completely truth that not always is possible in your hotel room without fridge  or place where storage properly raw meals, or why not the pet hotel doesn’t allow raw.

We think this commercial foods are a really good choice if we couldn’t do anymore, but please keep an eye and take some cautions. It is a good idea and try before your holidays to test if your pet likes it, or if the meals makes some digestive or intolerance problem before leave. Better try different times. We checked that one of the commented food makes Lula deposition dark and hard. In the other hand,  the other food made the opposite to our cats. We still continue some other to give you our feedback!

In last place, remember this food should have a higher price, but if we are using them in temporary cases couldn’t be expensive and secure for our pets.

Moist commercial food

If you don’t live in a big city, or you couldn’t find good options nearby, or maybe we are going to travel to some difficult place, or we suddenly leave or home, without time to prepare or find something better, we could find a good choice in moist canned or packed food. If you don’f find a BARF model don’t worry but always choose some grain free, obligatory in cats, and almost the most nature you’ll find (avoid long ingredients lists, chemicals agents, etc.) For example we always have some Belcando single protein canned food just in case… But it is still true I prefer packed in a bag that canned ones about the chemicals in the aluminium. 

As you can evidence it isn’t difficult to find a good option for you and your 4-legged family, sure in your area are more of them, leave your fears out and try and observe, we don’t want to make a switch from raw to cooked or prepared meals, but there are many occasions where have a Plan B is necessary.

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