This is the main question when we want to make the switch to raw diet, it is new, you know your dog and like many others ask yourself ‘could my dog be capable to ear raw and fresh diet after years of kibble?’

After our experience, I know that beginning could be appear quiet difficult even before we make the choice, we must breath, and remember all of us were scared to did something wrong, just like you now.

Maybe  your dog doesn’t like to eat, or has a chronic disease, or is a gourmet, don’t worry, there are many raw feeders and even dog believe is unique… so if your doubts are about your dog todays our main goal is solve that type of questions.

Our first advice, you should collect good information (not all info is reliable), ask all your questions to experts or other raw feeders, it is important to know the main concepts to do a balanced diet to your pet and to to have a route to start easily, without complicated food mixes, with a couple of months in it you will have self-confident enough.

Take your time, the most important is that you are committed with your dog’s health.

Now, why don’t speak about your dog? Are you happy to start that diet and desires for your pets all these benefits that others told about raw diet? Aren’t you sure if your dog likes it? Well, here we go and red below!

If your dog…

…has a good appetite or even has the vacuum cleaner syndrome

Your dog doesn’t seem to have problem at lunch time, great! Eats kibble or canned food, and takes time to time some snack, or well, maybe is the second type and eats, absolutely whatever you think.

We recommend you do a progressive transition from dried or canned food to raw diet. You are lucky and switch will be easies in your case as much as you do it, but please don’t be relaxed.

Making a transition too fast your dog’s GI system may give you some signs that something go wrong, maybe not the first days but for sure they will appear later. Be patient, and give time to its organism to te new diet.

…is in one special stage of life: puppies, seniors, and future mothers

Every stage has their requirements: puppies need grow properly so the calcium role is essential, pregnant dogs need before, during and after the birth some cares to keep them healthy and promote a good recover.

And what can I say about our senior furry friends, they need all our love and take care of them with a good quality of life in that important moment.

We recommend, although every stage seems to be quite special, don’t be afraid thinking your pet doesn’t enjoy the benefits from raw diet. Simply you must cover their their needs through nutrition and make a tailor-made diet in accordance to its current condition, avoiding some food in case of disease or adding other nutrients to help in recover process, or saving some dietary supplements for a health plus.

… is allergic

Pets with food allergies are a great candidate to do a switch like that, because thanks to raw diets you could have a complete control over meals and their composition. Does your pet problem with a type of protein, or grain, or any else? Is easier as eliminate it in diet but your dog continue enjoying with a variety of proteins to make a rich diet, something not possible in all cases with manufactured foods.

We recommend you to take advantage of that, many pet parents are worried over the poor options when their companion has an allergy. With a raw diet, yuo only avoid that food and  could design a unique diet for your dog, keeping a range of variety too. Along time you will see what is better to its organism, fitting diet quickly. Sounds great, isn’t it?


…is currently on recovering process or facing a disease

Accidents, common diseases, bacteria, surgery or some minor damage require time, treatment and professional supervision. Our advice is wait until your pet will be totally recovered, then you could start the transition without fear to affect your pet’s health.

However, it is not the same situation when your pet lives with disease day bay day, during a long period of its life, or a chronical disease.

I know perfectly how important and difficult is take that decision, we had made it with Astrid and well, many vets told us about the importance to have a correct diet…well, that was the reason why we had followed the path and we are right here.

Decide by your own, hear your vet advice and others too, but of course, think seriously about what is the most important for your pet.

We recommend you put the focus on the your dog situation, is living with a good quality of life? Remember how important is the nutrition role in organism and of course in disease. We could helo giving the proper nutrients, supplementing and offering food that give us more and better time to your dog.

Personally, I think this is one of the most important reason to make the switch, and it is possible do it with professional advice too, there are holistic/ integrative vets or vets well-versed in nutrition that help your pet.

Raw diets dogs

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…doesn’t like eat at all, suffers loss of appetite or just is a gourmet

Not all our dogs enjoy food, some of them doesn’t be interest, others only ask by their favourite meals and snacks, even there are dogs where eat it a duty. Every case has different origins and evaluate a single case will be easier to find a solution, but there is something in common, they don’t feel a high motivation with food.

We recommend in all that cases, a good amount of patience, but you will start learning process about your dog preferences, routines, in resume delve into how your dog really is. Every piece of information will open a new way to investigate… maybe your dog prefers softer textures, or bitter food, doesn’t like poultry meat or something like your pet need to do some exercise before meals.

For example, Lula loves almost every food, or we were thinking that until the day she found chard in her bowl…well, after some test the conclusions is ‘she hates chard’, but we count with a large list of vegetables.

Your dog will have its preferences and with work and time you could make the perfect meals for its palate, playing with texture, taste, temperature or ingredientes… playing together and making a great experience of it. The benefits will be guaranteed.

… has an overweight problem, including foodie lovers and roly-poly dogs?

Nowadays pet obesity is a growing problem, and is a serious one, unfortunately many of that cases there is a strong relation between bad eating habits and a low activity, both are the most popular causes. We could sum an excess of treats and snacks, or unproved diets.

But… we have good news, you will help your dog to be healthy, and with a good corporal condition.

We recommend first, change your dog habits as schedule two or three daily intakes, storing bowls, and of course, reducing the snack time and training treats.

In the other hand thanks to a proper diet your dog will enjoy chewing edible bones or recreational ones will give a good entertainment too, both help to reduce anxiety. Then your pet will be eating what they must, meat, bones, vegetables, offal, this is a first step to lose weight, selecting low fat meats a chicken, turkey, rabbit or some fishes, fitting step by step the calories intake.

Do you have gluttonous dog? Try homemade fruit snacks during the day like blueberry or fresh pieces of watermelon.

… is an athlete

Your dog has a high activity, and practice sports, you often plan training and rest days, competition periods and take care of its body. It is essential in athlete dogs to keep health organism, a good muscle tone, and focused to face every challenge.

But commercial food doesn’t provide all the nutrients and requirements for these athletes, it is true the high-protein kindle is an extended option but our friends needs bigger amount of fats, now tell me, do you know really what your dog eats? How many calories has every intake? And how your dog consumes the energy?

We recommend to take in consideration what kind of sport are practicing your dog, and what exactly needs in every stage, before exercise, recovering, competition, resting days, etc… and most important contact with a professional to design a specific diet for your dog and its conditions.

After a couple of months, you could see how its performance has increased, a better corporal condition, and high concentration levels, your dog will an elite athlete.

You could see how a switch is possible almost in all cases, always we will be prepared for it, but overall if we are committed with our pets. Your dog is like no other, with its personality, preferences…, transition will be different in every dog, similar but not the same, you will be fitting its diet, looking signs and value information to make the best diet. Meanwhile, we’ll have an interesting way to walk, are you ready to begin? this show us a new beginning for your dog and you where a great knowledge will be waiting to us and giving us the opportunity to learn more about our companions!!