We’ve just start November and looks like sunny and warm days finally have said goodbye, well it is not a question to feel nostalgic, because autumn is a great season to do a lot things with our dogs, and why not, even with our adventure cats.

Fall could be a season where the trees lose their leaves, the temperature will come to be lower and of course daylight will be progressive reduced day by day. However that changes only could mean good news for our furry family, making this season a new, wide world of warm colours and interesting scents, and incredible paradise for our dogs’ noses, and a good temperature to make may outside activities together.

… Do you like to know why?

Well, if you are a nature lover or enjoy the city lifestyle and don’t have interest in countryside adventures, both one and the other could have great experience during these months, alone or even with the youngest members of family.

Through the magic of the woods

One of the most gratifying experiences if you life to go outdoors and feel as you will at the middle of nowhere it is to plan some trips to any forest over the country during autumn, of course the best is a deciduous one, which is an exception view like in cases of beech woods, chestnut wood, or maples. A place to go for skilled hikers, or inexperienced people who want to see the magnificence of nature.

Also if you enjoy some other activity related too, you should have a better journey, maybe things as photography, hiking or an easy and delicious outdoor meal between trees and fresh air after a good walk. We had had some of the best trips along fall season, and discovered valleys, forest and mountains, but the best it had has Lula and we’d experienced together.

For us the most important thing is that our dog, or cat, enjoy, discover and be itself n a wilder place, to find numerous scents, the first days of rainy season, to play and run around, to be wet, roll about ground, pursuit animals, or nothing else as to feel the moist floor meanwhile silently walk together.

Different places to all

Fall allow us as well that out dogs could entrance to places where spring and summer are prohibited for them like some beaches, lakes or reservoirs. Possibly you had preferred to rest in the sunny days with your four-legged friend, but it has their magic to go during autumn months too, such as a soft rainy day at the beach, or an unexpected swim at the lake, or even better try new activities as kayaking with your dog!

All you should do it is look nearby what types and new ideas could works for you, to find new places, adventures, or what could be more stimulating for him or her. Sometimes we fall into routine, forgetting that our dogs and cats have other important needs, and daily routine its is an enemy to win, to enjoy together new and interesting experiences.

The city is fun in fall

Considering not all of us has a way to travel to rural or natural areas, or such in many cases you prefer over above to walk by the city, rest in some nice coffee and comeback home safe and without mud, stranger creatures or be wet and cold, why don’t give to your dog a lovely and comfortable experience this season?

Sniff, run or be a simply dog isn’t being at odds with living in the city and look for different and fun activities for both, well, maybe silent will be not possible at all. However, depending the city you are living you will have many options, as big parks, or look for some different places and gardens, meadows, or anything couldn’t imagine around you. We had discovered little peaceful places to go, quiet, beautiful and had to much fun for Lula too, including some off-leash areas without risk. At the same time, you could walk near, looking the colours and golden autumn light.

Even the weather is friendly you could make a picnic under trees o quick meal in a quite zone, and your dog plays and have fun.

Doesn’t care the place you will go, then you could continue the adventure, taking a good walk, now the asphalt temperature is lower so your dog’s paws will be ok. Why not, trying to walk with no directions in mind, discovering your city, new pet friendly places, rest in any terraza under portable heaters…making of your day a little adventure.

In other order, additionally, to our invitation about go outside and share some great moments during this season with you furry family, we would like to give some good advices to take in mind, for everyone who want to enjoy in the country or make something interesting in the heart of the city.

It isn’t necessary look for the most remote part of the world,  you don’t have to spend big amounts of money, if you could and like it of course yes, but it’s possible to go to some incredible places, good choices nearby your living area.

A good way to discover new and fantastic places searching into specific webs like trekking and hiking forums, or photography groups, where people share information and the technical requirements, as well good info about routes for everyone, for you and your furry companion.

Surely, you don’t imagine the day you’ll go to the fascinating forest find a place where are long people queues, people screaming, running, kids everywhere, cyclists, dogs and other unforeseen fauna like mushroom hunters (or chestnut collectors). That situation transforms your relaxing journey in a nightmare and stressful moment for your dog (nothing to say if you walk with your cat!)

Better temperature condition isn’t an excuse to forget water for our dogs, we know there are some idea about when the weather is fresher, water seems to be less important. That is a big mistake, so if you are going to hike or walk by the city for a long time, don’t forget hydration, or inform you before trip where are natural fountains or places to get some water. Maybe November or December surprise you with a sunny and unexpected good day.

About food, we should consider something similar as: how many time you will be outside, what kind of activity you’ll do, or if we will stop to lunch… so is a good idea to take some doggy snacks with us. Even we, raw feeders could do it too, as a bottle of chicken stork, dehydrated meat or homemade snacks made by ourselves, as well some piece of fruit, and share it.


There are some countries where bad weather or only a bit of rain, cold or win, is a reason to go back home and stay warm and save, but a rainy-day walk, or colder days could be quite and unusual pleasure. It will be less people, you will see another face of any place, giving you a relaxing day. Only you will need appropriate outfit to the weather to enjoy this kind of days. And don’t forget your dog need technical garments too, highly recommended!

Fall has their dangers too, don’t be worried about, only it is important for you to know about that situations and problems could be founded, and has the information to react correctly in case of they happened. Some of these risks are mushrooms or snakes hidden under the blanket of leaves.

Also an  increase of rodent activity happens too so that causes people through toxic substance along the city, or even some antifreeze puddle wasted by cars, are dangerous for our pets’ health.

Last of all, you must consider something very important like is don’t forget to enjoy, be relaxed and leave your dog be a real dog, sniffing, running, waiting to the sounds, jumping in the mud, romping anywhere, swimming, or doing some dirty ideas. Sure, your dog will be happy, more if you are living in the city, or you have a weekly working routine.

And of course, if you must go with your dog on leash, better choose one long enough, for us not less than 2 or 3 meters, forbidden retractable leashes, is advisable standard and multi-function ones, that allows to reduces distance when you’ll need it and then give him or her a good space to explore.

Meanwhile the command ‘heel’ it will be better let it until the next obedience training, heel-work to music, or specific risky situations.

That day you will need a nice and exciting experience together, we promise you will desire repeat it!