When Monica González Tovar announced us that Dr. Ian Billinghurst would come to Madrid to speak at the I International Seminar about evolutive nutrition and Targeting Nutrition Therapy on Cancer in pets, it was clear for us, 26th & 27th of May was booked in our agenda.

It is not only to have an international figure as Dr. Ian Billinghurst, who wrote the BARF Diet or other relevant books, it could be a special chance, although when you know by your own that people in charge and the team are truly involver on that matters, you know will be even better.

It is rare to have that kind of opportunity, more in Europe, to hear from that superb speaker, summed to his knowledge in the field, and he makes it passionately, with all his interest, flawless professionally and a big smile, expectative was so high…however, after being there sincerely has been incredible, and you couldn’t lost the next opportunity, doesn’t care if only is by streaming.

The programme has been complete an very interesting, divided in two days. First one focused on genome, understanding and principles about BARF, of course passing through their relationship with health. The second one, during Sunday, oriented on cancer: what it, and where we are and know, and how TNT is an irreplaceable tool to use.

Also, there had been two speakers more, Monica Gonzalez Tovar who spoke about Allergies and food intolerance, and Christian Vergara, talking about chemical and toxins in kibble industry, both great additions to get that final touch that everybody wants, making a wide outlook about pet health.

We were very pleased to attend as Happy Life Pet project, enjoyed in in first person (or two), that event has been very very  special for us. But, What can we say about it? Which is the most important thins these days provide to us? There are difference between this one and other seminars and conferences?

A before and an after

Even though we are a raw feeders since some years ago, and we are totally involved, this weekend was different, something happened, a landmark, a change, cause the great depth, open.minded facts and ideas placed in front of us by Dr. Billinghurst it isn’t necessary to be bonded to pure knowledge, but get that your mind opens and think about… Not due to our compression change, in the opposite side because is growing.

wow, there was so much reflections, and sure these will continue, in fact we like to express that really means… diet or feeding are much bonded to the marketing terms, neuromarketing, economic benefits, etc… long distance from nutrition concept, which tries to to keep healthy our organism, helping to repair or why not be a tool to cure it. Unfortunately, we don’t see yet how nutrition could help and improve our health, and their presence or better said their impact in illness when nutrition is deficient.

But if we will go far away, it is not a question about how healthier you are, or your pet, it is about to have the knowledge and choose, and over those things, we are which choose for those ones that we acquired a responsibility to care others without voice.

The 3 Cs, or their equivalence in English the ‘KUC’

We would like to speak intensely about this two days, but as we are convinced that will be very boring, we invite all of you, in case to have a future chance to see Dr. Billinghurst, to know in first person that experience, meanwhile these are our favourite ones and our thoughts:

Clearly Knowledge due to a great experience and professional background that not all speakers could offer us. And when you have finished and it is so clear in your mind the concept oxidative phosphorylation or Glycolysis and understand it is a fact that the seminar has gone very well.

It is so easy speak about information in a room plenty of people, but it is very difficult that this same people after the conference understand this kind of stuff days before you’d never heard. I’m not smarted know but you find yourself more prepared, or wide your horizons. A privilege to be learning, understanding and trying to be better!

Commitment in one of us to promote and get that change. We could have all the studies in our hands, all the relevant information to face the problem, but if we stay waiting somebody lead us, we will not have results. Decisions comes from everyone, we couldn’t look to another place cause someone, many are trying to take the advantage for their self, as now that they have a direct way to get it.

It not will be stunning that everyone could do whatever in our hands is? Even a ‘no’ in the right moment in the vet visit, or, ‘I’m not agree’, is an action, a brave action that we must star to practice often. We don’t have doubts, step by step we will a long travel but thanks to the great work from scientist, genetic professionals, vets, we should support their work with our actions, the key is in our hands.

Understanding the nutritions role play in our organism (dogs, cats, humans…) the role in health and illness, that bone with two faces, prevention and how important is TNT in chronic, metabolic or aggressive diseases. Look far away, understand that the phrase you are that we eat, or well, as we are going to vary from now ‘we have to eat for that we are’ is a basic, fundamental in our evolution and the way we are development as species, is not a new-style, trend, it is just what we and our pets need.

Also, understand how primarily economic interests. Implications, and a real social & Sociology problem where we currently are. That kind of interest rarely goes in line with our wellness or health, and we should be there to change that tendency looking for a real permanent situation in our own behalf.

Support & cooperation facing misguidance & alarmism

Have you lived some non-desired situation when you speak about your dog or cat eats raw food? Maybe you had had problems to adopt a new furry friend, or looking a new pet hotel to left him a couple of days… your family doesn’t understand why you don’t prefer use kibble?…

Doesn’t care if you are an experienced barf feeder or just you are switching the food of your cat, maybe you don’t know a lot about what is a BARF/ evolutive diet, in any case don’t forget the focus is the following one: We must to work together, not hide your magic formula only for your own. We are here to share, teach & learn, to be honest, put all our strength, and work in the same direction when somebody ask us about evolutionary diet and their benefits, the real ones, for professionals and common people. Nobody cans fight against alone, against the routine, against the economic interest… in the other hand every experience of us, everyone has a history, and one by one are summing much more to get all that our pets and us deserve. Work together friends!

In last place, as we know we like to talk a lot, we have an special thank you to all the speakers, organization, sponsors, and every of you where there working hard, you’ve made it team, an exceptional congress, something very difficult nowadays in Madrid or Spain, you’d gave all of you and that makes a great difference

Dr. Ian Billinghurst, thank you so much by inspired us, your clearly presentation, concepts, ideas, the ability to transmit all that knowledge and experience, but, especially to give us the opportunity to open our minds and understand where we are, what we could expect, the situation we are going to face, and what can we do…. More valuable when there are many many miles, only could feel pure gratitude. Now we accept the commitment to follow your steps as many others are working on it.

Monica González Tovar, what we are going to say…we are pleased, your perseverance, your commitment, you ‘I assume the risk to do something where nobody isn’t brave enough’, It isn’t quite simple, managing all the issues. In the same line, great job in the conference and as speaker too. We are going to repeat you a lot this.

Christian Vergara, thanks for your work to explain and show u show traditional pet food what means, without your work the programme hadn’t be complete, but even more important to stay there, working at the other Atlantic side, I confirm you that your words are in the head of the second two-legged member of Happy Life Pet project, and he is not easy to impress, glyphosate is a word that is surrounding their mind yet, between others. Thank you to show us the real face of pet food industry.

Of course, we would like to give all our gratitude, a lot, to Sergio from Todogs, Ezequiel dello Russo, Dra. Retail, Kontigo, Iván, NutriScan, Interzoo Luchana, Espacio Animal, and obviously all the audience, you are the key to get the dream into reality, a dream that every of us share, with a solid foundation, in the one direction and we’ll work in our pet’s health and why not in ourselves too.

As you see it has been incredible experience, and feeling great emotions, also a little sad to say goodbye, and I hope Spain will work in that line to have more and more events as the last weekend in Axor Hoteles. We hope you enjoy next chances to participate in future events, to heard from the bes , if not don’t forget you have its books, follow its work, as the others too, the information is close to you, only need your mind prepared to listen and be inspired to involve, all are invite it.

Ps. The last thank you is to our Little furry angel Astrid, without you we didn’t made it, you were the cause to start to fight and walk this path, doesn’t care how difficult will be, thank you because life will not be the same, and proud of it.