One of the most appreciate meats in a raw diet is the rabbit, perfect for cats and dogs, for all breeds, a good alternative to the one that are chicken allergic, or if you furry friend is a little overweigh.

This time we have rabbit loin with their backbone, kidney and heart, grinded zucchini and one portion of natural pineapple bought the last summer for all family including Lula.

Our recommendations: Chopped rabbit for small/toy dogs, whole rabbits for big ones. But if your dog is not too big or small don’t worry, you could ask on your provider the possibly chop in half, quarters, or 8 pieces (four legs and the saddle quartered).

Don’t forget about the rabbit legs (are so tough) could be prepared taking off the meat from the bone for all that pets who needs a phosphorus restrictions, oral problems or cats for example.

The best of raw diets is the option to fit them to each pet and each situation!