All our home made menus have been programmed at least with a couple of weeks before, as many of you finally will do, to prepare and provide all the nutritional requirements that weekly need our pets, looking for the best variety and balance food, completely easy.

As you will be seeing, we divide it in two intakes.

At breakfast, we usually prepare a portion of enable bones and meat of the day, and all the dairy vegetables and fruits. At dinner, we prefer give the rest of the diary enable bones/meat and the offal portion complete, treating to give a good variety of them too.

Our first dish to start that section is simple but quite good for the most of the dogs and especially indicated for many beginners: Organic chicken wings, steamed broccoli to maintain their nutritional value, and fresh blackcurrants. A perfect meal that likes a great part of Barf dogs.

Our recommendations:

If your companion is a small dog and a single chicken wing could be a tough question for he or her, remain to adapt the piece to the mouth of your pet, cutting the wing in some pieces smaller, but enough to eat.

However, If you are at the opposite and enjoy with an adorable great dog, maybe will be better idea use a chicken thigh, or if he is a raw diet expertise maybe best a complete leg.