Menu of the week: Beef short ribs, lightly steamed fresh peas, and apple slices.

We have many different beef cuts which can be chosen for our dogs and cats, and one of our favourite’s one is short rib cut, why? because is easy to remover bone, and fit perfectly for your dog or include cat, and overall provide us with a interesting fresh fat, perfect for athlete dogs as Lula, that it the reason we like it so much.

The same cut with the complete rib is suitable for all that bigger dogs or which one with a powerful jaw, covered by meat too in all that cases the dog is experienced in raw diet.  Also you can ask to your butcher about the soft part of ribs because there is another one harder and could cause some dental accident.

In last place, when we know Lula has eaten something dangerous or know about she is with constipations, although we don’t do often  is add some steamed peas or asparagus to help her. But you could add without problems of course fresh or frozen. Our preferences fresh peas steamed better than boiled.