During the last years, it had been talking about raw feeding o raw diets, also you possible heard about the terms BARF or ACBA (only Spanish speakers), where the owners feed mainly with raw meat and raw bone to their dogs and cats. Well, it doesn’t sound good? Well, it is true it has a question of lack of awareness yet, or maybe misunderstanding, but…

…What really means a natural raw diet is?

The raw diets for dogs or cats isn’t other thing that an a biologically appropriate diet, based on the characteristic and biological condition of a specific species, that means a diet that our pets will consume by their own in the wild, doesn’t care if we are talking about a dog, a rabbit or a snake. Obviously, your dog or your cat aren’t in the wild and don’t be wild too, often they live in a city, in your apartment, so we always have to think in a diet that imitates the nature but in our current conditions.

Both, dogs and cats, as well the rest of species too, have their own individual and unique characteristics, they are different animals, they are mammals but of course a different morphology and physiology, which change thanks to the evolution process. That is the reason which provide all the nutritional needs in a natural form with a high biological value proteins are vital to keep in optimal conditions and functions their organism.

We could feed them with many food types, but not all of them will allow their organism to be the proper nutrients to an optimal function

The diet always has a direct effect over the health

When we talk about raw diet, the proteins who came from animal meat has an essential role to obtain energy and repair/ create different tissues, so we provide our dogs over 65%-80%, and cats over 70%-80%. But not all is about proteins, although fats, carbs, vitamins or minerals will have an important role in diet, as much as they obtain in the wild.

We often prepare a raw diet with animal meat, edible raw bones, offal, vegetables and fruits as an important part of it

And a raw diet, why?

When we process the food, with actions like heat, high pressure or other mechanic ones, change the composition and the form that the body absorbs the nutrients, it lost part of the original nutritional value and of course the water in it, even we can destroy at all some micro nutrients. Is easy to imagine a big manufacture plant, but it is closer than that, the fact to cook, boil or use a pressure cooker at home.

Bones always be raw, meet and offal too (but we can cook both as well), fresh and mature fruit, but for example, in case of some vegetables we recommend, in behalf to help their digestive system, chop, steam or grind ones with cellulose that contains, and following to imitate a pray stomach contents normally founded in a semi-processed condition.

Are these diets healthy and save to our pets?

Of course, a nutritionally balanced raw diet is. How can we do? thanks to a good variety of meats, bones and other foods mentioned, and calculating the amount having in mind your pet’s condition as age, activity, or some other facts like chronic diseases or his stage of life.

But maybe most important of all is that nowadays we could count on veterinarians versed in raw feeding, literature and a growing raw feeder’s community which will be pleased to help and teach us to do an appropriate and balanced diet, and give the one of the best present on his life.

In fact, many of us that we’ve made the switch, have a major knowledge about the issues that concerns the health of our pets, expressed in actions like do veterinarian routine controls, annual blood tests, severe hygienic rules, be e aware about the good handle of raw meat and offal to avoid harmful bacteria and cross-contamination, including a day to day observation about the general condition of his body.

However, you could find multiple opinions and people alerting about bacteria contaminations, feeding with bones, the possible risks for our pets health, a supposed relationship the raw food increase the aggressive behaviour, among other crazy questions which in many cases are a half truth or worst.

In the other hand, pay attention to that if you are thinking about switch you pet’s diet, don’t assume that every homemade raw food it means nutritionally complete or balanced, follow an incorrect diet or don’t have in mind the nutritional requirements could be a problem health in the future.

Don’t be afraid, it’s easy but you require learn about it first, common sense and be commitment with your pet. It is like the diets of our kids, nobody told to our parents how to did it and the most part of us had been reared perfectly.

Raw diet benefits

In the same way, a healthy diet change could affect our own health, particularly when we eliminate refined sugar, excess of carbs, processed & prepared foods, our dogs and cats has the same benefits than us and improving t their health.

As well, we have visual and external signs, like a better coat or some skin problems that resolves with the diet switch, other as an improvement in the oral health, breaking down tartar and avoiding their appearance.

In the other hand, we have other internal and long-term changes, maybe we couldn’t quantify at the beginning but are some like a better body hydration levels which helped directly to their kidney health. Most appreciate ones about that kind of changes: our senior pets which enjoy new energy and seem to be revitalized, dogs with less stress thanks to the intake of raw bones, o better body condition to face disease and recovers.

Doubtless are multiple and many the benefits, for sure you will see it by yourself too. Raw diets aren’t being a trend, it is a serious option to feed our pets, totally recommended, where the main goal is to preserve their health. It will not so easy as open a kibble bag, but thanks to a small change by our side, and a true commitment with their well-being, we could change not only our pet’s life, event we know to help many others pets.