We have some doubts about which one will be out first recommendation, ¿how can we open this section? For us this one it is important to take care about it, our recommendations are a serious question and for that reason we would like something with value for our readers, maybe something you don’t know yet or to help you to try new things, to improve some aspect or live a new experience with your pet.

That is the reason why we have thinking a lot about this first recommendation, and the answer it has been quite easy, nothing better for our project that a recommendation that speaks about well-being, nutrition and finally had come to the Spanish public… a book about BARF raw diet, and a good book for every raw feeder too.

The last spring had published the Spanish edition ‘The BARF diet’ written by Dr. Ian Billinghurst, which was published in 2001.

Yes, it is a book written by an Australian veterinarian, and for sure it had been making people talk until now about what cats and dogs eat, or other species should. He had written others about the topic, and his approach is that a diet needs to be evolutionary and adequate for a specific species too.

Libros BARF ACBA en español

La dieta BARF del Dr. Ian Billinghurst

The BARF diet is one of that books you must read, will not take so much space and has a easy reading. Maybe you have another view of that question, perfect, because this book is suitable to give you an overview, to clarify some concepts and represents a change.  We would like to recommend you like a good introduction for anyone interested in this type of nutrition, but even if you are a BARF veteran it’s a good idea to have one near.


What can you found on it? A lot of useful information, what aspects are important in a biological appropriate raw diet, which foods are suitable for our pets, and how the nutrition affect to their organism… almost you’ll find recipes and how you could prepare a balanced and fresh raw diet for your pet.

The highest value for us: is a direct, friendly book, easy to read, where the author doesn’t expect to scare the reader with a bunch of terminology, making close pet nutrition to everyone. It is pure common sense and tries to show a realistic view of the theme, even for the reader that doesn’t know about it.

Possibly you are thinking, if you see your language edition, that it not a great work, but as the own author says it is a book to touch, read, underline texts, to work with it, take all the notes that you want, a soft-cover book to interact with, and has a good size and weight, perfect to use.

In last place, a plus for native Spanish speaker, in that 2017 edition, in our language, the translation is very good, prologue included. You will not see strange phrases or expressions, something that we consider important when you are reading about some technical issues or specialised texts, a great work that shows the translator knows a lot about the theme and bring us closer the author view.

About cons:  Well, it has been difficult to find some remarkable one, as we say is not a complex book, but there is a point that if you are reading maybe notify an aspect about the recurrent allusion to a product that I understand only had commercialized in the author country, the translation helps a lot to understand it, but personally we would like a less frequency on the text, but we consider this as a personal appreciation.

Libro sobre la dieta BARF dell veterinario Dr. Ian Billinghurst

Una lectura recomendada

Conclusion: we think is a good book to introduce you and face the BARF diet, close to readers, and you will not need previous and difficult knowledge, however will give you a new perspective about pet nutrition or refresh all that you learned before, surely you have more interest in raw diets after read.

If you are interested in a copy you have channels like Amazon where you can buy an electronic copy, a cheaper option, but you could fine the printed too. But if you are looking by Spanish edition as its lunched this year is already available in many online stores.

Ps. Share with us your opinions and leave a comment below to know your point of view, it’s important for us have your feedback and know if our content really interest, or what other recommendations like to read in Happy Life Pet Project!