Carrots have been a well-known food and are one of the most used, along every place, in many preparations. It is difficult to find some culture where doesn’t use them, maybe thanks to their versatile uses: raw carrots, which are fantastic for our teeth, steamed to preserve their nutritional values, juiced alone or with other fruits or vegetables, boiled whole or cut, fried, using tempura, or as we all know creamed carrots.

Surely, you’ve heard the well-known comments about the incredible benefits for our eyes and how our mothers and grandmas were worried about the correct intake of carrots. In the same way, these veggies had been frequently in our diet every time you had a gastric problem during some days.

Aren’t you sure about how appropriate is vegetables in our dog’s diet? Well, of course veggies also are a great option for them, although you think how strange is see your dog eating different types of it, fruits or supplements when you are nor too versed enough. That is the reason why we are preparing these reviews so continue reading and enjoy.

Temporada consumo carne pollo/pavo

Carrots can be found in every season, with some differences between Asian and occidental ones, but without great differences in their nutritional facts, as can be farmed in many zones it seems to be available almost always.

Also, you look for another different carrot types, here in Europe are commonest the brilliant orange ones, but in other places you will have yellow one, purple or brown! Their colour is a sign of the amount of beta carotene content.

We recommend you too look for carrots which comes from ecological farming, due to this food is a root, it is a way to reduce the possible intake by our pets of pesticides, pollution, and other danger products used in traditional farming.

Nutritional value

We don’t have doubt about your knowledge, we are sure you know and heard many of their benefits, we don’t sound repetitive, but here there are some important facts to know.

Carrot has an interesting water content, as well in one of the veggies with bigger carbs amount, and has some great benefits to your four-legged friend as follows:

  • A high beta carotene content 8285µg, this is an essential micro nutrient also known as pro-vitamin A, which may be converted by liver to an active form as Vitamin A. In fact, the mechanism of that is based in two compounds with vitamin activity: retinol, retinaldehyde and retinoic acid; and carotenes and carotenoids (which convert this provitamins in retinal, then in retinol and finally in retinoic acid or Vitamin A).That means too this vitamin works as antioxidants against free-radicals coming from external factors as pollution, or internal as nutrition.Such consequences in the last decades carrots are known as perfect food for ocular health, thanks to Vitamin A, reducing dryness, protecting skin or helping other tissues as gastric mucosa as well.
  • Low calories and an xcellent number of antioxidants called carotenoids, vitamins (A, B, C), minerals as potassium, or dietary fibre, highly recommended for dogs with over-weigh.Why not use carrots as healthy treats for them, or a good option as snacks for hungriest dogs, including for a diabetic dog due to the low glycemic index (that will depend about how much be processed).
  • Carrots are rich in polyacetylenes (falcarinol and falcarindiol), a great antioxidant between others, which makes an inhibitory growth response over pre-cancerous cells. In fact, there are many studies about the effect in the Newcastle University, here you have the place to find them, and others like this one in US National Library of Medicine.
Weekly review: carrot

Happy Life Pet Project ‘Weekly review: Carrot’

Undoubtedly, these questions are in my opinion a good reason to add to your dog’s diet, don’t forget in terms of a food rotation to have more benefits of the others, remember ‘different food, different nutrients’, that helps to follow a balanced diet or the closest to it.

Preparation methods

Commonly we imagine raw diet, obviously unprocessed, although as many of veggies has a cellulose content, which dog’s GI couldn’t process, many raw feeders partially process (cut, chop or grind) or slightly cooked to break the cellulose connections to facilitate to its organism an correct nutrient assimilation.

As we commented, we could apply process as cut or grind, without heat, and then of course traditional cooking methods, steam, blanch or boil.

Our recommendation grates the carrots or steamed only a minutes to break cellulose connections, this two methods are the most we like, but you can chose the better option for you. Indeed, there are studies where boiled whole carrots have great advantages too.

Only an advice avoids canned or prepared and cooked carrots, these options should content salt, preservatives and other ingredients harmful for our dogs.

Boiled carrots or if you are added some to a homemade stock can be use when your dog has temporary gastric disorders. We love prepare chicken porridge, where you could use in the same preparation chicken and carrots cooked adding stock to dilute the mixture.

Our best recommendations

  1. Carrots are a great vegetable to use when we make a transition diet to raw food. When we start, we should do it with a single protein as chicken or turkey, and a single veggie as this one, will be most digestive than others and helps to your dog’s body. If you look at on raw feeder webs and forums many pet parents had chosen that way.As well, it is possible to add some dairy products as yoghurt (without sugar or sweeteners) that maybe help your dog accept the new food, and looking for imitate a normal gastric content of a Pray.
  2. Healthy treats for your dog. Usually we imagine a dog treat as a tasty piece of dry meat, or think in the popular wieners. Well, maybe it has been a health issue or a little overweigh, carrots are a great alternative to replace fattiest ones….Have you think to freeze some carrots? It could be a perfect idea in hot summer days!
  3. Finally, we would like to talk about a known remedy to help in cases of diarrhoea. As you see, carrot is a good food for GI system, so don’t forget this recipe ‘Moro’s carrot soup’, you could know something about who was MD. Moro and their famous recipe!


In resume, counting with carrots in your dog meals helps and promote a good health, you could mix with other veggies and fruits, or not, use carrots like treats or snacks, or why not, you could switch your diet too and enjoy all in family of this benefits