The last week we have seen the pros and how appropriate is chicken meat as an essential protein in our raw diet menu, so it is logic this week we have focused in another similar one: ‘the turkey’, overall in all that cases where our pets suffer some kind of allergy to chicken.

Turkey protein has most of the great advantages as chicken, with an excellent amount of nutrients too, and if you summed to that a high digestibly and a low fat contain, made it most recommendable to star a BARF transition or make bland diets when our pets are facing GI problems.

Temporada consumo carne pollo/pavo

Availability during all year

Fresh turkey is a well-known product, unprocessed and we could buy almost all year, but commonly like breast fillets portions. Really availability is not higher than we can appreciate at first look, it has been limited to find other cuts depending your geographic zone, or if you live in a main city or in a suburb, it is our case, we are living close to Madrid but you could’t find it as chicken or rabbit.

This availability has a main cause, not only is a question about the place or the variety, we have to be in mind that turkey breeding is an important issue in this situation, for example breed a turkey takes four times more than a conventional chicken (over 120 days for Turkeys) so now you understand why is not a extended product like others. Right here we would like to advice you about all that processed product, where they are named as turkey when are only byproducts.

Nutritional value

There are great pros, this meat has a good protein content with a low fat too. But we would like to highlight its high niacin and vitamin B6 value, a good ratio between fatty acids Omega-3-Omega-6, even more in light turkey. Also is interesting the amount of selenium, phosphorus and potassium too.

Review of the week: Turkey

Nutritional value

*These values are always variable, affecting the cut to the protein, water, fat or minerals like calcium, phosphorus or potassium content. The same could be transferred if we have a light or dark turkey, light has higher value in protein, Omega 3-Omega 6 ratio, niacin, vitamin B6 or selenium than a dark one.

Turkey meat maybe is more recommendable for bigger dogs due to it is a bigger animal than chicken, reducing some risks, you could give turkey neck, wings, thigh or carcass/back. Also smaller dogs could enjoy necks or thighs, but for small dog and cats it will be a good idea give the same parts in chicken, partridge or quails.

Breast is perfect for any dog and cat, only you have to cut, grind or make fillets… perfect for transition process, bland diet or if you want to do a good rotations feeding.

Finally, don’t forget if you are going to give turkey edible bones that drumstick is a bone hardest than others, including some connecting tissue like tendons, they are really tough. So be careful, turkey is bigger than chicken, almost are three times heavier, so that affect to the bones of the legs.

We recommend…

If you want to star a diet is a good idea to count with turkey breast, always fresh meat please, nothing named as roosted breast of similar preparation, that contains a lot of inappropriate things as salt, preservatives or MSG. Thank to low fat turkey is perfect for your pet stomach, and with some time you will add turkey necks or even tights.

The big and largest breed dogs could enjoy a lot of this protein, with some bigger edible bones  without many risk for their jaws.

Last of all, always your dog has chicken allergy, not poultry one (that’s important) you will have in turkey an ally to its diet and give rotation foods keeping an eye in your budget.

Review semanal: Pavo


 Our best recommendations:

  1. Your dog is too small? or maybe are you a cat lover? You can do it without giving up to turkey,  ask at your poultry store to prepare and mince some carcass or other parts, then at home you can mix with vegetables, and offal, more meat. Even making your own homemade prepared food and storing in portions into your freezer.
  2. Do you need make a bland diet to your dog or cat? He has some GI problem or need to make a special diet after a disease? Turkey is great in that cases, we often make cooked turkey with homemade chicken stock and carrots, preparing a porridge, and always you could control the texture and how many water amount has, all in your hand to fit you to this temporary situation, good meals aren’t be boring.
  3. Our last recommendation, fit the edible bone to your pet, I know we insist a lot but it is really important, turkey drumsticks seems to be a good option for big jaws, only seems because is a bone which support the body weight so maybe is preferible to use tights to keep in optimun conditions the teeth of your friend, but you could use this great bone, removing the meat to make a perfect bone broth!