Our experience had been this one, quite and simple, it has been our own path during the last two years when we’d chosen to switch the Lula’s diet, and maybe could speak about a revolution for us, it has had a change to understand pet’s nutrition thanks to Astrid, Kyo and Lula example, though also the way to understand ourselves how nutrition has a direct impact in health, how the quality of food and how is produced affect us. Nothing better as see with your own eyes, in first place.

It is true, we had to accept an inconvenient truth for us, we had been responsible of a fact during too much time, after we had been annoyed with ourselves, gather strength enough to overcome the inertia and be honest to to the best with our pets.

Also, it has to say that we know that this choice is going against the tide, you will hear surely to many pet health professional, and a great part of vets and other pet services oriented are against raw and evolutive diets, raising doubts in pet parents. We hear at least many as various argues in these years, a great part of them are easy refutable, others only require a some knowledge more to show that these theories are alined with the excuse to avoid other people follow your footsteps and transform you in a fool which only a goal: ‘keep things under wraps’.

So we have made that decision in despite of all that inconveniences, argues, cons, and yes! we are proud to say we are in favor of raw, unprocessed and fresh diet with natural and pronounceable food, where that food follow our health controls, homemade or prepared by us,  knowing in every moment what our pets are feeding with, and avoiding an excess of mechanised procedures and high-heat processing, because every intake give us health, and these ones could make a difference for everybody.

So if you are a reader and now are asking yourself that this is just a fad and we aren’t know what talking about following a raw diet only I would like to ask you that please remain that idea:

We desire a healthy life for us and our family, a variety of food that give us vitality and energy , a correct functions of our organism, a good condition to face disease, the age… a nutrition that not only make us full, or cheat our brain, I want health, well-being and over all I want all of that for my four-legged family too

Ps. If someone thinks these words are like a firm declaration from our side, of course it is.