All of us like to see our dogs and cats healthy and happy, as much as possible, and share a long life together, isn’t it?

But every day as pet parents we find questions that not always has an easy answer, even sometimes, more that we would like, others which we don’t come understood at all, and have multiple judgments that complicate the task to know if we are taking the best way to our furry pets.

Today, internet, professionals, pet shops, bloggers & webs, seminars, vets, friends and our own experience give us a big amount of information, and as you know, many times occurs that is contradictory or make us be confuse. Well, it is a true that the information by itself is not the clue, we need a context to see a correct meaning.

So, I prefer to talk about that, making focus on the definitions which have found in the Spanish dictionary, and seem to be the general view in many other places:

In Spanish, the word for that is ‘bienestar’, the union of two words: bien= well, and estar= being, so the meaning is literally, and their three definitions are in many ways all that we would like for them:

    1. Combination of necessities to life well
    2. Health, happiness, and well-being in general to have a good and prosper life.
    3. Someone’s condition which makes a proper running of his somatic and psychic activity.

Easy? it looks like, but for each of us, the meaning depends of the context and the specific situation of a person, so the concept of welfare will possibly chance. Some people will understand as welfare, to feed and give a minimum vet services, meanwhile for others their worry will include education, activity, nutrition o something as the love for our pets.

Then, at that point, the only answer makes sense to me is clear. We are ones who have decided to share our time with a pet, a personal decision which will have a direct effect in each step of their life, every time we chose over an aspect of it. That confers to us a great power and responsibility, but over all other things to be life companions from the beginning to end.

We must to be honest and understand the importance of our role, because every time we will chose affect to their welfare, including the normal and diary cohabitation.

Welfare, simply, is to become aware, get involved, to learn, be informed…  leaving apart the categoric affirmations, especially if has an effect over our pet life’s, because every species is evolution, and that means, that evolution requires for our side to have a continues learn and be open-minded, in fact, humbly I think is the key to make our own correct decisions.

Don’t let be the voice of others with his preconceived notions, maybe something was being correct 20 years ago, or less but today is out-dated, many centuries before the human kind believed that the earth was flat or the atom couldn’t be divided. Only a certain always be a reality, for your dog and your cat you are the most important thing in their world, and will be at your side every day, doesn’t care what happens, for that reason surely you desire to live together many many time ,and you are so concern about its well-being and health, I don’t hesitate it, this is the reason because this project have born.